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Dec 26, 2017 · In Power BI, there is a DAX function called USERELATIONSHIP. This is particularly useful when you need multiple relationships between tables. Here we will go through an example of how this works. Consider a typical example, where you have an Orders table with different dates such as the Order Date (i.e. the date the order was created) and the Ship Date (i.e. the date the order was shipped ...

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Jul 15, 2015 · I have a table that is populated using a Power Query. I have manually adjusted the widths of some of the columns. Unfortunately, despite have the "Adjust Column Width" unchecked in the table properties the columns widths continue to adjust based on the content after refresh the query.

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Look at the format options for a visual in Power BI Desktop and compare to the JSON options side by side. Copy and paste what you need from each visual's JSON to assemble a master Theme file. Please note that the values in these sample files will appear ugly. Many values are not Power BI's defaults.

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Jun 18, 2010 · Simple one is just by creating calculated column. For example create new column xyz (calculated column), in Formula =[Title] and click on Ok. Now check it by entering new record and just enter value for Title, and it automatically copies to xyz column.

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Jun 14, 2017 · The tip How to create calculated tables in a tabular SQL Server Analysis Services SSAS model explains how you can create a calculated table in SQL Server Data Tools (Visual Studio) for a SSAS Tabular project. The same concept exists in Power BI Desktop models, which use basically the same engine as SSAS Tabular.

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Create a fully dynamic Power BI table. This allows a user to select the Top N items from any number of column data fields. This table technique allows for wide flexibility in what your users are able to investigate within one table.

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This video shows you how to copy a query from one Power BI report to another. In other words, if you have a table in your Power BI report dataset that has...

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Sep 29, 2014 · Do not forget to hide GrandTotal Column otherwise Pivot Table will add values of calculated item ( Variance) also to it. PivotTable Report treats calculated item as another row. So you need to be careful while using them, avoid using total values. These can mislead you. The final Budget vs. Actual Profit Loss Report:

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Dec 12, 2017 · Creating a New Calculated Table from Existing Table in Power BI We can Create a New Table with Single Column using the "DISTINCT" Function on Existing Table.Also, we can create a New Table with Multiple Columns using the "SUMMARIZE" Function on Existing Related Tables in Power BI.

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Dec 07, 2016 · Throughout this tip, we covered several methods to control the display of data and charts by Power BI. Colors can be set for specific rows and columns in a table or matrix or even be applied through conditional formatting. These color properties can extend beyond the preset table and matrix styles which are available in Power BI Desktop.
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Hi all, I have a sample dataset like the one below . What I need is to create a new table then copy Sales and Years column to this table. The purpose is that I will need to pivot Years column without making any change in the existing table.
Ideas on Excel, Power BI, Power Query and Power Pivot: blog by Maxim Zelensky. In the 'Sales' table I have already created the calculated column to calculate cumulative total for the product by date No, I do not know how to read PowerPivot model in another workbook. All my attempts failed...
In Power Query, there are also commands for keeping duplicates for selected columns or for the entire table. Follow the same steps as removing duplicates You will then need to add another column to count the duplicate values. This will be used later to filter out rows of data that appear more than once.

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By adding a new calculated column, and by using the formula =[SalesAmount]-[TotalCost]–[ReturnAmount], new values are calculated by subtracting values from each row in the TotalCost and ReturnAmount columns from values in each row of the SalesAmount column. The Profit column can then be used in a PivotTable, PivotChart, or Power View report—as you would any other column.
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